$100 G.Lion Hawaii Gift Card

G.Lion Hawaii - We Find Joy In Your Happiness

A Gift Card from G.Lion Hawaii is giving the gift of warmth and hospitality. It provides your guest the thoughtful invitation to enjoy one, or all three of our unique restaurants. We hope to celebrate with you soon.

G.Lion Gift Cards are redeemable at the following restaurants: 
La Vie Waikiki  |  Quiora Waikiki  |  Hy's Steak House Waikiki

Please Allow 3-5 Business Days for Processing and Shipping.

$100 G.Lion Hawaii Gift Card

  • G.Lion Hawaii is not responsible for any lost, or stolen gift cards, except as required by law. This card is non-refundable and is not redeemable for cash.

    This card is redeemable for food and beverage only at Hy's Steak House Waikiki, La Vie Waikiki, and Quiora Waikiki.